Rise or Fall

Markets rise and markets fall. Align with a proven partner who has thrived in every environment.

Zig or Zag

Success depends on the decisions you make. Align with a partner who has consistently made the right moves.

Boom or Bust

Business cycles are inevitable. Align with a partner who will support you in good times and bad times.

Near or Far

Success requires near term flexibility and long term vision. Align with a partner who's with you every step of the way.

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At QUANTUM ENERGY PARTNERS, we go beyond providing capital to being a trusted partner that is focused on your specific goals. As a leading provider of private equity capital, we invest across the energy value chain with an emphasis on the North American upstream, midstream, oilfield services, energy technology and renewables sectors. Through our industry knowledge, technical expertise, financial creativity and entrepreneurial approach, we help management teams rapidly advance both their vision and their business.

About Quantum Energy Partners

About Us

Investing our energy and our resources into your vision

About Quantum Energy Partners


Focused across the energy value chain

About Quantum Energy Partners


Building great companies with exceptional management teams