Creating value across the energy value chain

Our investment strategy is centered on generating the best risk adjusted returns across the energy value chain. Our selective approach enables us to maintain a smaller portfolio of companies. This allows us to devote more time and attention to helping add value to our portfolio companies, while minimizing the potential that we have multiple portfolio companies competing with each other. Through our ability to react quickly, our industry knowledge, technical expertise and business skills, we help entrepreneurs breakthrough and rapidly advance their vision and company.

Upstream – Midstream – Oil Field Services – Energy Technology – Renewables

In upstream markets, we focus our efforts in the “core” of top-quartile resource plays and balance our portfolio with investments in multiple basins. In midstream, we invest in infrastructure located in basins that we have a superior technical understanding of because of our insights gained from our own upstream portfolio companies. We also invest in established, but growing, energy services businesses based on insights gained from our upstream portfolio. In energy technology, we invest in disruptive companies that can help drive value in the rest of our investment portfolio. Our renewables effort seeks to identify unique investment opportunities to take advantage of growth in renewables and other emerging energy sources.