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US Onshore Gets Ready for New Investment Cycle as Private Operators Return
Rystad Energy – Mar. 2021

Shale’s Private Army Ramping Up Means Supply Wild Card for OPEC
Bloomberg – Mar. 2021

Oilfield Services Investing: Private Equity’s Tech Pivot
Oil & Gas Investor – Feb. 2021


Private Equity Methane Solutions Summit Co-Hosted by Quantum Energy Partners
Environmental Defense Fund – Nov. 2020

Access to capital shrinks if oil and gas companies ignore methane, says Quantum private equity
Environmental Defense Fund – Nov. 2020

Shale binge has spoiled US reserves, top investor warns
Financial Times – Oct. 2020

Quantum Energy Partners Hires Its First CTO
WSJ Pro Private Equity – Sep. 2020

ESG Roundtable: Is Oil and Gas Ready for the Expectations, Opportunities
Hart Energy – Jul. 2020

Private Equity-Backed Oil Producers Find Coronavirus Relief by Hedging Prices
WSJ Pro Private Equity – Mar. 2020

Quantum Energy Partners’ Take on Energy Technology – Wil VanLoh (Video)
Jan. 2020


In Their Own Words With Quantum Energy Partners’ Wil VanLoh
WSJ Pro Private Equity – Oct. 2019

2019 Hotter ‘N Hell Conference – Interview with Wil VanLoh (Video)
Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. (via Vimeo) – May 2019

Shale 2.0 – How Will Private Equity Compete In A Rapidly Evolving Industry – Wil VanLoh (Video)
2019 Hart Energy Capital Conference – Mar. 2019

All Hands and Hearts & Quantum Energy – Providing a Place for Play (Video)
All Hands and Hearts YouTube Channel – Feb. 2019


2018 North America Assembly Lifetime Achievement Award Winner – Wil VanLoh (Video)
Oil & Gas Council (via YouTube) – Sep. 2018

Quantum Energy Surpasses Hard Cap
Oil & Gas Investor – Aug. 2018

A Pivotal Role For Private Equity
WSJ Pro Private Equity – Aug. 2018

Quantum Energy Collects $5.6 Billion for Its Latest Fund
The Wall Street Journal – Aug. 2018

Are Larger Energy Exits on the Horizon?
WSJ Pro Private Equity – Jul. 2018

Sending Money Home
Oil & Gas Investor – Jul. 2018

Private Markets are not Reticent
Oil & Gas Investor – Jun. 2018

Strategic Buyers’ Retreat Could Boost Secondary Energy Deals
WSJ Pro Private Equity – Jun. 2018

Co-Investment Ever More Important for Energy PE Investors
WSJ Pro Private Equity – Jun. 2018

Private-Equity Firms Adapt to Energy Producer Discipline
WSJ Pro Private Equity – Jun. 2018

The Changing Role of Private Equity in the Energy Industry (By Wil Vanloh)
Landman Magazine – May 2018

America’s Energy Future: Fueled By Private Equity, Driven By Oil, LNG Exports
American Oil & Gas Reporter – Apr. 2018

Adapting and Diversifying
Oil & Gas Investor – Mar. 2018

Firms Lay Transformation Blueprints for Post-Downturn E&P World
Journal of Petroleum Technology – Feb. 2018

A View from the Top
Oil & Gas Investor – Feb. 2018

Private Equity Pivots to New Oil Frontiers as Permian Rush Ends
Bloomberg – Feb. 2018

Oil & Gas Tech Startup RigUp Taps Private Equity
WSJ Pro Private Equity – Jan. 2018

Quantum Energy Invests in Oil-Field Services Again as Outlook Improves
WSJ Pro Private Equity – Jan. 2018

Private Equity Turns Cautiously to Liquefied Natural Gas
WSJ Pro Private Equity – Jan. 2018


Quantum Energy Pledges $450 Million to New Oil-and Gas Company
WSJ Pro Private Equity – Aug. 2017

Quantum Energy Partners Leads $300 Million Investment to Form New Oil Company
WSJ Pro Private Equity – Jul. 2017

Shift to Renewables May Be on the Horizon
WSJ Pro Private Equity – Jun. 2017


A Pivotal Role For Private Equity
Oil & Gas Investor – Jun. 2016

As Market Rebalances, New Rules Emerge For Oil, Gas Players
E&P Magazine – May 2016

Quantum Energy CEO Sees Path To Oil Recovery Along A Razor’s Edge
Oil & Gas Investor – Apr. 2016

Premium Blend: Interview with Wil VanLoh (Video)
Hart Energy (via YouTube) – Apr. 2016

Energy Capital Conference Opening Keynote: A World View – Wil VanLoh (Video)
2016 Energy Capital Conference – Mar. 2016

Outlook 2016
Oil & Gas Investor – Feb. 2016


Wil VanLoh: ‘You can make money at $50 oil’
The Deal Pipeline – Jun. 2015

Private Equity Prospects
Oil & Gas Investor – Apr. 2015


Northeast no longer premium market for Marcellus, Utica gas, analyst says
SNL – Jan. 2014

Infrastructure causing natural gas ‘price blowouts’ in Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Business Times – Jan. 2014


2013 University of Virginia energy panel moderated by Kyle Bass (Video)
University of Virginia (via Youtube) – Nov. 2013

Private equity setting sights on discarded natural gas assets
FuelFix – Oct. 2013

2013 Barefoot Economic Summit – Interview with Wil VanLoh (Video)
CNBC – Oct. 2013

Capital Destruction, Intensity In The Shales
Oil & Gas Investor – Oct. 2013

Quantum’s VanLoh Discusses Effect Of Capital Shortfall On Shale Plays
Oil & Gas Investor – Sept. 2013

The Legend of Ute Energy
Oil & Gas Investor – Feb. 2013


2012 Barefoot Economic Summit – Interview with Wil VanLoh (Video)
CNBC – Oct. 2012

‘Crushing Amount Of Money’ Available Through Private Capital
Oil & Gas Investor – Jan. 2012

Uncon Stretches Private Equity
Oil & Gas Investor – Jan. 2012


2011 Barefoot Economic Summit – Interview with Wil VanLoh (Video)
CNBC – Oct. 2011

Private Money
Midstream Business – Jun. 2011


Industry Struggles with Low Prices, Lack of Capital
Oil & Gas Financial Journal – Mar. 2009

Retrenching and Rethinking
Oil & Gas Investor – Jan. 2009

Technical and Operational Expertise Makes for a Simple, Effective Strategy
Oil & Gas Financial Journal – Jan. 2009


Which Comes First, Your Business Model or Your Team?
Oil & Gas Investor – Jun. 2008

Record Capital Available Raises the Bar
Oil & Gas Investor – May 2008

Energy Funding Still Is Alive and Well
American Oil & Gas Reporter – Apr. 2008

Moneymakers: Fund manager VanLoh preaches patience
Houston Chronicle – Mar. 2008

Chatting with A.V. Jones Jr.
Oil & Gas Investor – Jan. 2008


Buyout, Hedge Funds Still Buying Aging Oil Fields, Quantum Says
Bloomberg – Mar. 2007