Quantum Resources Management, LLC

In 2006, the founders of Quantum Energy Partners partnered with Don Wolf (Chairman) and Alex Cranberg to create Quantum Resources, an entity that is a hybrid between an institutional investment fund and an oil and gas operating company. Quantum Resources is principally focused on providing quarterly cash distributions to its investors, which it accomplishes by acquiring long-lived, mature, domestic, on-shore oil and gas properties and then enhancing their value through optimizing costs, pursuing operational enhancements and executing low-risk development drilling. Since inception Quantum Resources has acquired more than $1.4 billion of properties.

In 2009, Quantum Resources underwent a management restructuring whereby the headquarters of the company was moved from Denver to Houston and two partners from Quantum Energy Partners, Alan Smith and John Campbell, took over the leadership of the company. Alan Smith is the Chief Executive Officer and John Campbell is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Quantum Resources. In partnership with Don Wolf (continued on as Chairman), Alan and John have rebuilt the management team and continue to grow the business.

While Quantum Energy Partners is a traditional private equity investor that invests across the energy value chain and seeks to deliver high returns by partnering with exceptional management teams, Quantum Resources is a separate hybrid fund/operating company (akin to a private MLP) that targets asset acquisitions that can provide more moderate returns with strong predictability of cash flows and quarterly distributions to investors.