What makes us different

Quantum is more than just a private-equity firm. Our investment team is experienced across the entire energy value chain (upstream, midstream, downstream, oilfield service, power and renewables), giving us a deeper understanding and more comprehensive insights into the fundamentals driving the North American energy industry. Having been through the ups and downs of this cyclical industry, we bring a long-term investment perspective to every partnership. Founded and operated by entrepreneurs, we are open to new ideas and are positioned to creatively capitalize on timely opportunities.

Diligent and disciplined in financial endeavors, Quantum has managed with its affiliates more than $15 billion in equity commitments and has further access to significantly larger pools of capital through relationships with various limited partners around the world. Our innovative approach to financing has helped our companies lower their cost of capital and, in some cases, exit for higher values. This unique combination of strength, experience, and creativity has brought value to every portfolio company with which we partner.